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We haven't seen any posts from you in a while. Is everything okay Cheezie?

I’ve been posting a lot here on my personal but I’ve decided to leave the community alone for a bit cause it’s been bothering me.

On top of that I’ve been working on a lot of cosplay stuff and had no time to draw

Discounted Commissions


I could really use the money right now and since I understand that a lot of people just can’t afford full price commissions or would rather go to other artists for cheaper, I’m having a special two-week sale.

$15 AAE commissions now for $10 and +$3 for every extra character

$25 Flat color commissions now $20, $25 for simple shading, +$3 per animal character and +$5 per extra person

This sale is effective up until July 31st.

After finishing the anime, I’m still not over Mami

$15 commissions


Short, sweet and simple. Full body pieces with bold outlines and flat colors as seen here


I not only do pokemon and animals but I also do people in this style

  • There’s no limit on how many I’ll accept
  • +$5 per character
  • as many characters as you wish just don’t go overboard [probably around 5 is when it starts to get a lot if you want a group drawing]
  • my paypal is cheeziespaz@live.com
  • feel free to contact me through fanmail, inbox or skype [if you have it already]

With Updated artwork

$25 Flats Commissions


once again, short, sweet and simple. Full-body flat-colored pieces of any character of choice. They’ll relatively look like this

$30 if you want it with simple shading/gradient



And I do people and furries in this style at $25


  • You can choose to have it with or without a simple colored background
  • +$5 for extra characters [animals] +$10 for extra characters [people]
  • There’s no limit on how many animals in a group commission
  • the limit for people is two
  • my paypal is cheeziespaz@live.com
  • feel free to contact me through inbox, fanmail or skype [if you have it already]

With Updated artwork

Giveaway prize batch 1: Full body drawings

for trompets, colgatelovesplots78,and chasetheraichu 

Commissions for culinarysassypants

If you’re interested in commissions like these you can check ‘em out here


"Estoy Poopin" ended up being the joke of the day when hanging out with some friends the other day so I drew a thing

Aaand Heterosexual and Bisexual Pride pokemon!

The only two I got that weren’t ace or pan

Asexual Pride Pokemon!!

I got a lot for Ace too so they get their own post as well.

Again, thanks to everyone who sent in their requests!!